We are opening doors to the new money-making machine that has already put thousands of dollars into my personal account – as well as the accounts of my team members and numerous beta-testers! And today it can change your life as well - just follow its lead!
Oliver Murphy, CEO of Altra Forex Group
Today is the day when I'm finally ready to share my trading masterpiece with you. This is the moment you've been waiting for your whole life! Have you been wondering when your luck will finally turn around? Wait no more; these easy-to-follow BUY/SELL signals will change your future once and for all. You will get new opportunities, new social status and new standard of living. This is what will give you the quality of life that you were only dreaming about – or even were too scared of dreaming; and I can prove it to you – because this already happened to my protégés.

Apollo Scalper Packages

Apollo Scalper

Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/7 Support

Apollo Scalper
Apollo Scalper Manager

Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/7 support
Entering with 1 Click
Automatic Exit
Multiplying Profit
100% Auto Mode





Sam Wilson
office manager, no previous trading experience
I was beyond happy to become a member of beta-testing team of Oliver's new indicator. This is one-in-a-lifetime opportunity – and I wasn't going to miss it! Thanks to Apollo Scalper I made my monthly salary in just two weeks. And I know it's only upwards from here!

I worship Oliver Murphy. It takes a great man to design such a sophisticated product, both profitable and simple. And for a moderate price! I would've paid three time as much as they are asking for it.

The offer to work with Mr Murphy came to me at the right moment – I really needed something to help me turn my life around. This experience helped me finally understand how to trade profitably and how to make right decisions with my funds. Thanks to Mr Murphy for his tutoring and for the access to Apollo Scalper – it is truly a remarkable piece of software.

I am extremely proud to participate in developing and testing new Altra Forex software. It gives me so much joy to understand that I'm working on something that can really make a difference for everyone. If someone wants to get in touch with me, I will be happy to help – I can explain how I already made more than $4000 with this tool. Email me at lox@lox.com and I will be glad to share my settings with you.

Lucas Wright
journalist, 4 years of trading expirience
Michael Bo
high school teacher, 10 months of trading experience

Alex Larkins
unemployed, 6 months of trading experience
Just follow highly accurate BUY/SELL signals generated by Titanium Scalper and get your quick profit!
Right after the purchase you will be redirected to Members Area page with download links.
No unpleasant surprises, only reliable BUY/SELL signals that stay fixed in place.
Easy Profit
Instant Download
No Repaint!
24/7 Support
We are always ready to answer your questions. You can email us at the weekends and at night.
Reliable Algorithms
Apollo Scalper predicts next market moves with almost shoking accuracy!
Our tool is suitable for both trading vetarans and those who haven't seen MT4 before.
Apollo Scalper simply identifies all profitable trading opportunities. Once you try it – you will never be able to go back! Soon you will have a much bigger number in your account and you will finally be able to trade BIG!

This is what Apollo Scalper is – a bridge to your life as a full-time trader. Thanks to this amazing tool you will be able to extract real money from Forex markets. Other people are doing it – why not you?!

Imagine how good it will be to be your own boss. To be the master of your own future! You will finally have time to do things you love. To care about yourself better. To spend more time with your loved ones before it is too late.

With Apollo Scalper you will never have to worry about your income again in your life – and don't tell me that you haven't dreamt about it, I wouldn't believe you anyway!
If we take M1 timeframe and use EURUSD as the example, it usually takes about 30 minutes for Apollo Scalper to carry it out with the average profit of ~$95.
And if you prefer set-and-forget type of trading, then M30 timeframe would be perfect for you – the trade takes about 10 hours and can bring you up to $600.
Everything can happen if you follow these simple rules!
Instead of sitting crooked all evening and all night after your day job glued to the screen and hoping that you will finally get some profit from your trading, Apollo Scalper will give you an opportunity to just set it and forget it.
Its algorithms predict every profitable entry and exit point. This incredible indicator does not take chances – at all! It works non-stop to ensure that you get every last penny from each trade you take.
It's hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes!
But don't forget that Apollo Scalper is designed by a team of seasoned traders and tech experts. We spent years learning our craft. And if you won't take advantage of our knowledge – then someone else will. Some other guy will be living this stress-free pleasant life that could have easily been yours. Do you want to miss your chance? Or do you want to make consistent profit every day?

You won't need to spend days waiting for the signal to come. Apollo Scalper picks up every profitable market movement!
Apollo Scalper works on all currency pairs and is suitable for both scalping and intraday trading.
The results of our team and testers prove that you can make real money with Apollo Scalper - I'm talking thoudands of $$$!
High Frequency
Universal Tool
Guaranteed Profit
Apollo Scalper algorithms predict every profitable entry and exit point. This incredible indicator does not take chances – at all. It works non-stop to ensure that you get every last penny from each trade while also minimizing your risks.
When it comes to my software, I am very meticulous to say the least. I always try to perfect my product, to make it better, faster, easier to use. That is why I'm especially proud of my Apollo Scalper Manager.

This incredible system will allow you to minimize time that you spend in front of your screen. You will still get all the profits while being with your loved ones or doing your favorite things! Pretty good, huh?

Enter trades with 1 click
When the new signal is generated, Apollo Scalper Manager pops on the screen, and all you have to do is click one button to enter the trade!
Exit your trades automatically
As soon as the desired TakeProfit level is reached, Apollo Scalper Manager exits the trade automatically. You don't even have to be near your PC!
Multiply your profit
This one is very easy: you multiply your profit when you minimize your losses. When all the processes are automated, you do not make mistakes, and you don't miss your chances to get money!
When Apollo Scalper BUY/SELL signal is generated, Apollo Scalper Manager window pops up on the chart. It contains all the necessary information about the trade. You just need to choose which of the three TakeProfit levels you want to aim at, click one button and voila! Apollo Scalper Manager will enter the trade for you with all the necessary settings!
And the best thing is that after clicking one button you can go on with your day without worrying about your trades: Apollo Scalper Manager will exit them automatically with profit as soon the TakeProfit level is reached!
I've heard a lot of wannabe traders complaining that they cannot find time for trading at all. It is totally understandable: it takes a while for any person to become a full-time trader, and a lot of people still have their daytime job while taking first steps in trading. That's why I came up with one extra feature for Apollo Scalper and Apollo Scalper Manager.

Once you got a hand of utilizing Apollo Scalper, you can switch Apollo Scalper Manager to AutoMode and get an EA for you to load on your charts and get back to your daily tasks. This set-and-forget system will allow you to literally spend zero time trading and still make profit!

So, you basically get 3 products at the same time: an indicator, a Manager and a fully functional trading robot!

Get your own copy of
Apollo Scalper on this website
Download and install it in under 5 minutes
Enjoy easy-to-follow, reliable, profitable signals!
You can try Apollo Scalper 100% risk-free for 30 days! Watch it perform, record your profits and decide if Apollo Scalper is right for you.
If not, contact us and we will happily give all your money back!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Refund Policy
There is no time to wait. You've waited enough! No one is going to take care of the future you. We live in the world where you have to think quick and make fast decisions to succeed.

Investing is good, but do you have 30 years ahead of you to wait for your investment to pay off?

This is what makes Forex perfect – you can make money both when the market is going up and down, unlike, for example, with stock market.

I know that the times are tough, I know that the economy is declining, I know that there is a possibility for a market crash. That is why I'm giving you your way out. It's time to take your fate into your own hands, because no one can save you – you have to do it yourself. Don't hesitate. It's time to take action.
Start changing your life today – get your own Apollo Scalper!
What timeframes?
M1, M5, M15 and M30 timeframes.
All currency pairs!
What pairs?
What platform?
MetaTrader 4
Can I use it on multiple trading accounts?
Yes, your Apollo Scalper can be used on 1 real and 1 demo account
Instant download.
How will I get the product after the purchase?
I have more questions!
Please contact us at support@altraforex.com and we will do our best to help you!
User Guide
Rapid Support
Trading Algorithm
1 Real & 1 Demo
Instant Download
Free Updates
IMPORTANT! If you have any problems during the payment process, please contact us!
By purchasing the product, you agree with the Terms and Conditions of use.
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3 in 1 Tool
Patented Technology
No Repaint
Unique Strategy